According to a Los Angeles Times report, more than 500,000 American citizens are currently using ‘fake’ degrees and several thousand Asians are found to have forged their certificates. With some basic Photoshop or graphic design skills, anyone can forge a certificate or document. With the rise of illegal ‘diploma mills’ online, the situation is not getting better either. So what is the solution? 


Stop Counterfeits
Put A Stop To Counterfeit Documents
  • Put a stop to academic document counterfeiting.
  • Say NO to fake diplomas and degrees. 
  • Create your very own blockchain tamper-proof system.


Digital Time Stamps
Digital Timestamps
  • Create digitally signed timestamps for every certificate you release. 
  • Prove when a document existed and that it was never tampered with. 
  • Data saved on the blockchain is 100% immutable.


Increase Trust & Integrity
  • Increase trust and integrity of your institute.
  • Give employers confidence that your graduates certificates are 100% authentic.
  • Let them validate from a 3rd party independent site.


Proposed Solution
Proposed Solution
  • You are in control of the blockchain tamper-proof system.
  • We will custom build it and launch it on your domain https://certify.
  • Take full control. You assign who can access the system and who can’t.


Independent Validation
  • Employers and HR managers can validate the authenticity of the certificates from your domain and from a public blockchain explorer.
  • 24/ 7/ 365 access.
  • Prices start from $100 p/ month or 50 certificates.


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